How to Schedule a Mediation

Send an Email to the Center's Case Manager

If you are interested in scheduling your matter with us, you may simply reach out to our case managers by email at with the following information:

  • Case/parties names for conflict check purposes
  • Attorney names
  • A brief description of the nature of the dispute (e.g. failure to disclose in sale of a home; dispute regarding the sale of a business in San Francisco, etc.,.)
  • Timeframe for which you are looking to set a mediation date
  • How mediation fees will be split (e.g. 50/50; equally divided among all parties, etc.,.)


Once we receive this information and clear conflicts, we will provide you with available mediation dates.

The parties then meet and confer separately to choose a mediation date and reach back out to the case manager to confirm the date. Dates are first come, first serve however we are mindful of the dates we have provided to each case so we do our best to hold dates for cases. In order to keep costs to a minimum, we ask that the parties do not involve the Center in the meet and confer emails.


Once the mediation date is set, the case manager will then send an agreement to mediate which contains a deposit amount. The mediation deposit can be paid by eCheck, Zelle to or by paper check payable to Graceffa Law, 11 Embarcadero West #145, Oakland, California 94607. The deposit is due not later than three weeks in advance of the mediation date.

Mediation Instructions

The case manager will then send out mediation instructions including the briefing schedule and Zoom instructions for the date of the mediation. Importantly, the case manager will schedule pre-session calls with each attorney in the matter. These calls usually last anywhere between 15-30 minutes and are the first important step in preparation for the mediation.

The case manager will send out a mediation reminder a few days before the scheduled mediation.


Case manager email to start an inquiry:

Direct line to lead case manager Tony Sales: (408) 637-3494


Tony Sales
Case Manager

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