Trainings & MCLEs

Law Firm Trainings & MCLES:

  • Failure to Disclose 101 - Understanding the Problems, Claims, Defenses and Resolution So You are Not Upside Down On Your Case (on-going)
  • Understanding the Disclosure Obligations of Sellers and Listing Agents
  • New Lawyers: All the Things Your Law School Didn’t Tell You About Litigation Including Why Most of What They Taught You Doesn’t Matter

California Association of Realtors:

  • Mediating Residential Purchase Agreement Disputes (July 2022)

Real Estate Brokerage Trainings:

  • Up Close with the TDS and SPQ - Understanding Your Client's Disclosure Obligations (August 2023)
  • What Is Mediation And Why Should Realtors Care (November 2022)
  • Earnest Money Disputes in Contingency Free Purchase and Sale Agreements (August 2022)
  • The TDS, SPQ and Disclosing the Uptick in Crime (November 2023)

Associated Defense Counsel of California and Nevada:

  • Defending Residential Failure to Disclose Claims (May 2023)

Alameda County Bar Association MCLES:

  • Failure to Disclose Claims in Residential Real Estate; Claims, Defenses, Damages and How to Resolve the Cases Cost Effectively in Mediation (July 2023)
  • ACBA Bootcamp - Negotiation Module & Cultural Competency / Humility Module

Daily Journal California Lawyer:

  • The Hot Real Estate Market Has a Surprising Downside for Sellers (July 2023)

Contra Costa County Bar Association MCLE:

  • How to Respond to Bias and High Conflict Situations (September 2021)

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